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About Me


I empower women facing stress, exhaustion & overwhelm, to re-discover their connection with the deepest part of themselves, so they can live fully, and achieve long-term goals for life transformation. 


It was my own need for healing that brought me to yoga in 2000 when I was living in a big city,  stressed out, had no energy, no tolerance, and felt zero compassion toward myself.

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Yoga Group Training

When I found yoga, my world began to shift. I couldn’t wait to get to the tiny studio where I would practice several times a week after work. The stress and tension of the day lifted as I learned how to connect with my body and breath.


The hard edges of my armor; mentally, emotionally and physically speaking, softened.  I began to notice compassion towards, and resiliency within myself. I developed a whole new friendship with my body.  In my 30s, I felt more alive than in my teens or 20s, and I knew I had found my life’s calling. 


In 2012, my best friend died, and my world crumbled.  After several weeks of numbing out, I found my way to my yoga mat every day. My mat was there to witness my pain, soak up my tears, and receive me unconditionally. When nothing could fix me, my yoga practice was my way through my grief.

There’s a saying, “Whatever is in the way, IS the way.” In those dark times, on my yoga mat, I saw myself for who I was, and began healing.  Yoga brings us in touch with the wisdom of the body, so we can come to know ourselves intimately.

There have been many moments in my life when I felt lost and empty. I felt God provided this path which redirected my life in the most beautiful way.

After completing my first Yoga Teacher Training in 2007, and after years of teaching group yoga classes, I learned about the holistic healing art of Yoga Therapy. I had always felt that there was more to yoga than being strong & flexible, but I didn't have the tools to get there, let alone, guide others on a journey of inward transformation.  


It was in the spring of 2020, when the global pandemic caused my business to close, and my anxiety to skyrocket.  It was then, that I fully emersed myself in the healing work of Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy. I had several 'emotional breakthroughs’ in my personal practice and in my life since this time.  


What I uncovered, was a mass of tension and anguish in my body, that I was still holding onto, going way back to early childhood. I had developed an unhealthy relationship with my body, and ever-present anxiety over not being enough.  


I was always a "suck it up buttercup" or "pull yourself up by your own bootstraps" type of person; but my yoga therapy practice taught me to compassionately investigate the painful parts of my life, somatically, through the wisdom of my body.  I was able to look back at a lifetime full of “little t” traumas, and be present to myself with a new level of kindness I had never experienced.


This work has allowed me to give those experiences a voice, and release the trauma that my body was holding onto. After my own profound personal experiences, I knew that yoga therapy, was in fact, my life’s work, my Dharma, to share this with others, so they too can lead better lives with less suffering, and more peace.


I am a Certified Yoga Therapist, C-IAYT, have a B.A. from Washburn University, am registered with Yoga Alliance as an E-RYT 500, YACEP. Additionally I have a Pilates Reformer training certificate.


I have been a RYT yoga teacher for 17 years & completed 1,000 hours of additional training to be a certified yoga therapist in Nov 2022. 

I help individuals who are ready to deepen their human experience and facilitate their own healing through yoga therapy. 


Yoga Therapy has transformed the way I view yoga, my body and my relationship to myself. Yoga at its deepest level is about transformation.


Coming back to our true nature, and remembering that we are so much more.

 I would love to share it with you! 

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What People Say...

Within a container of simplicity, I accessed deep patterns in my subconscious that have created obstacles in my life for a long time. I was supported in not only locating the root of these challenges but inspired by Brenda's guidance to acknowledge how I could choose differently. I experienced more courage and commitment to the person I want to be.


-Lexi A. Arvada, CO

You may not know where you are going, but a compass will point you in the right direction & keep you on your path. This course has given me direction; to find my truth, to find acceptance, & pointed the way.


-Kathy W. After completing yoga therapy course, spring 2022

I am a clinical trauma therapist with my own personal trauma story for which i have been in treatment for some time. I know that yoga is a highly recommended effective treatment modality for trauma. I understand the science behind it.
I had never met Brenda before our zoom session. She helped me relax and connect to my breath and to my body. She gave me permission to move in and out of poses as i needed to, to honor myself.  She choose words and poses that brought healing and peace. The first session was emotional and healing. I felt such a release.
On my second session, I came in highly distracted and wound up. Through the session, i received much wisdom, strength and calm. I filled a page with thoughts and affirmations.
Additionally, Brenda allowed me to refer one of the clients i see in therapy to her for yoga therapy. This client experiences a medical condition that is clearly trauma based. I met with the client for therapy following Brenda’s session. She was able to relay the powerful positive messages she felt through the first part of her session and then the strong emotions released during the second part of the session.
I was very impressed with both the process and skills that Brenda used. She was constantly reading body language and somatic expression and adjusting her words, tone, and next instructions.  She didn’t push or pry. She accepted whatever came and helped me, and my client, to do so also. The power of that alone is incredibly healing.
I am excited about yoga therapy and the benefits it holds for clients. I believe that Brenda will do incredible work in bringing wholeness, peace and healing to clients.

-Diane Clark, LSCSW,CCTP
Therapist, Ethos Therapy and Life Coaching

Manhattan, KS

I had been taking yoga classes with Brenda for a few years. My neck and shoulders have always bothered me so I decided to take Brenda up on a private session.  She hit every spot that I needed.   I now have a routine I can follow on a daily basis that I can do in my own home with very simple props. I highly recommend Brenda.


-Nancy M.Topeka, KS 

As I reached my mid-sixties, the physical activities I had previously enjoyed were not a match for my bone loss and I needed a different physical health plan with individualized instruction compatible with my abilities and goals to deter the progression of osteoporosis. I began working one-on-one with Brenda just before the pandemic.

Since then, I have gained strength, improved balance, both statically and dynamically, and learned to use my breath as part of my foundation for movement, as well as overall breath awareness.  I can feel and see the differences in my body. My sessions are individualized for my goals, physical capabilities, and the challenges and needs of an aging body. Brenda has so much knowledge about adapting yoga to meet the needs & restrictions of her clients. I appreciate how she brings different perspectives and experiences to each session, as well as her style of teaching.

I am so thankful that the gifts of my sessions with Brenda support the activities I want to do for fun and the activities I need to do as part of my ordinary day.


-B.R., Topeka, KS

Yoga Therapy Reviews, Happy Clients

Over ten years ago, I attended the first of what would become hundreds of classes with a beautiful, empowering instructor, Brenda Berg-Dyck. Brenda is without question the best yoga instructor & yoga therapist I’ve ever practiced with. She brings out the perfect balance of challenge and mindfulness to every practice. Brenda represents everything I love about yoga. She is more of a mentor than an instructor. Brenda is committed to meeting every student where they are in their personal journey, and coaxes out the urge to push ourselves, find our edge, and embrace self-acceptance. Brenda is a gift for which I am grateful.

Dannielle Thibault

Lawrence, KS

Brenda’s heart for her clients is simply priceless. I started my son, at age 13, with private yoga lessons with Ms. Brenda.  He has autism and cerebral palsy, is non verbal, and has hearing and sight loss.   Additionally, he has low muscle tone, weak coordination and very tight hamstrings.  I decided to try yoga, and honestly, I was just hoping to find an activity that he might participate in.   

In the autism world, us parents consider if our kids “tolerate” something, it’s a win.   To actually enjoy a task, is somewhat rare (outside of their chosen obsessions or enthusiasm). Eight years later, and Jesse still loves his sessions with Ms. Brenda.  Brenda automatically had this special connection with Jesse – from their first session – that surprised and truly awed me.  I think she really “saw” Jesse and he truly loved her for it. Jesse's balance and coordination have greatly improved over the years and working with Brenda always makes him smile. 

-Kim Stolle, Topeka, KS

I started taking private yoga therapy sessions with Brenda at a point in my life when I was desperate for any solution to manage my chronic pain. As a healthcare professional in the Sports Medicine/Rehab field, I had access and opportunity to try a multitude of therapeutic modalities during my pain flares. While those therapies were, and still are, tools in the belt to help me manage my condition, I still often struggled to function during daily activities. Where traditional medicine has fallen short, these yoga therapy sessions have helped fill a lot of the gaps. Brenda has helped me learn to better manage my pain physically, mentally, and emotionally. She has intimate knowledge of the human body and its anatomy, and has helped me find ways to physically reduce pain through movement and stretching. Emotionally and mentally, she challenges me to slow down, address my thoughts and emotions, and breathe through them as they are processed. Brenda has helped me acknowledge and focus on the things I can do to manage the stresses that inevitably appear in life, including my pain, and let go of those things I cannot.

I would highly recommend working with Brenda to anyone who has some stresses in life (aka everyone), whether they are physical, mental, or emotional in nature to learn how to manage them well.


Topeka, KS

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